LADY AT THE BAT: Looking Back: The Athletics Series (The Late-To-The-Party Edition)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking Back: The Athletics Series (The Late-To-The-Party Edition)

Yes, I know. The series ended two days ago. The Yankees have moved on to Anaheim. I'm late to the party. But I didn't want to move on to other posts before I said a little something about the Yankees three-game sweep of the Oakland Athletics earlier this week.

1. Bartolo Colon and his complete game shut-out in game 1. If this guy isn't voted Comeback Player Of The Year it'll be a complete injustice. I just hope MLB doesn't uncover any wrongdoing regarding the stem cell procedure he underwent.

2. Hits with runners in scoring position! The Yankees appear to over their inability to hit with RISP. Although, on second thought, I think I'll reserve judgement until they face a better team. Like the Angels this weekend.

3. Overall, the offense, which had awakened in the final game of the Mariners series, stayed awake in this series. Mark Teixeira is on a roll, Nick Swisher is finding his stroke and Derek Jeter keeps inching closing to hit number 3,000.

4. While the Yankees were sweeping the A's the White Sox were sweeping the Red Sox. The Yankees now have a 2-game lead in the AL East. Thanks, Chisox!

No harm no foul, since they had the lead each time it happened, but the Yankees ran themselves out of innings several times during this series. Time to get your heads back on the basepaths, guys.

Looking Ahead
The Anaheim Angels are next. (I refuse to call them that other long name.)  The things I'm hoping to see in this series include:

1.  A good outing by Ivan Nova. If it's not good his spot in the rotation could be in jeopardy.

2. No Dan Haren. Hopefully his back issues keep him off the mound this weekend.

Three more west coast games and then, finally, back to normal viewing times. It can't come fast enough. Go Yankees.

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