LADY AT THE BAT: Some Friday Yankee Musings

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Friday Yankee Musings

It has been a busy, often trying week for me and I am glad that it is almost over. I did my best to stay above water the past few days and I pretty much succeeded. However, it left me little time to think about some interesting stuff going on in Yankees Universe. Now that things are stabilizing (for now, at least) I finally have time for some Yankee musings:

  • The return of Cousin Yuri. Alex Rodriguez's steroid-supplying cousin has been hanging out with him on road trips. MLB says it's fine. There's been no wrong-doing. Really? Well, maybe not technically, but A-Rod still looks bad here. Send Yuri away, A-Rod. Far away. Like to Siberia. After all, doesn't "Yuri" sound like a Russian name?

  • A-Rod, Derek Jeter and Joba Chamberlain top the list of overrated players in SI's annual poll. Okay. There are 750 players in MLB. Only 185 players responded to the survey. That should tell you everything you need to know right there.

  • Bartolo Colon's complete game shutout against the A's this week put him firmly in contention for the Comeback Player Of The Year award. However, I can't stop thinking about the stem cell procedure he had over the Winter. If MLB finds wrongdoing, you can be sure the Yankees will be accused of knowing about it and signing him anyway. I can already hear the cries of "tainted championship."

  • It was announced this week that Yankee players lead the voting in most All-Star categories, even though not all of them are having All Star seasons. I'm usually pretty objective when it comes to All Star voting but not this year. Don't ask me why. I just want to vote for as many Yankees as I can for as long as I can. Except when it comes to Jose Bautista. I'm not that stupid.

  • Ivan Nova starts for the Yankees tonight against the Angels. If he doesn't pitch well his spot in the rotation could be in jeopardy. If he does pitch well an unlikely mentor might be taking some of the credit: AJ Burnett. There was a really nice article in the New York Times this week about the bond the two have formed. Click here to read it.
Okay, that's all I got. Check back with me early next week for a recap of the Angels series. Also, be on the lookout for a special Father's Day giveaway. The prize involves the Yankees Core Four. Details will be posted before the end of next week so be ready!

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Uncle Mike said...

You know who's overrated? Cliff Lee. Colon has a lower WHIP, and both Colon and Garcia have lower ERAs. And Lee is below .500. But, hey, Lee's won those World Series rings, right? Right?

Let those of us who understand what matters to Yankee Fans admit that the most overrated player in baseball right now is Cliff Lee. Not any Yankee.