LADY AT THE BAT: Derek Jeter Gets His 3,000th Hit (And I Didn't Miss It)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Derek Jeter Gets His 3,000th Hit (And I Didn't Miss It)

The bad thing about sports milestones is that, as a fan, there is always the chance that you could miss seeing them for one reason or another. Work might get in the way, you may not have cable TV, you could be sick or, as the mother and sister of a certain Yankees Captain experienced, you have to go to a baby's christening.

In the months leading up to Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit, I was very afraid that I was going to miss seeing him reach this magical milestone.  Because of work, if the Yankees are at home and/or playing a team in the Eastern Time Zone I usually miss the first inning. I was beside myself. I just knew Jeter would get his 3,000th hit in the first inning of some game while I was walking home from work. I hoped and prayed for it to happen on a Saturday or a Sunday.

After Friday's rainout Jeter went into Saturday needing two hits to 3K so it was entirely possible he'd get there this weekend. That left me one happy lady, right? Not exactly. I had a million things to do on Saturday morning. The anxiety I felt could have been cut with a knife. I raced through all my chores and errands and managed to get settled in front of the TV ten minutes before game time. As I made myself comfortable I remembered another milestone, on another Saturday, by another Yankee: Alex Rodriguez's 500th home run back in 2007.  I was just as anxious on that Saturday morning as I was yesterday. As I blogged later that day:

"I've raced through the streets like a madwoman, trying to get home in time; I've run around my apartment like it was on fire, trying to get things done in time; and, I've sat on the job praying that he wouldn't hit it while I was [there]."

Alex Rodriguez didn't disappoint and neither did Derek Jeter. Jeter was awesome yesterday, homering for his 3,000th hit, going 5-5 and driving in the winning run. Many are calling it a storybook day. I concur, not only for what he did but when he did it. On a Saturday. And I didn't miss it.

Thank you, Derek Jeter, and congratulations.

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