LADY AT THE BAT: Ramiro Pena Dances With The Stars (Well Sort Of) (VIDEOS)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramiro Pena Dances With The Stars (Well Sort Of) (VIDEOS)

There are important things going on in MLB these days.  The trade deadline is almost here, pennant races are heating up, and Ramiro Pena is dancing. Well, actually, as Yankee fans know, he's recovering from an emergency appendectomy. But I was surfing around on YouTube this morning and found him dancing up a storm, twice in fact. In the first video he is dancing with a mascot on a baseball diamond, probably in Mexcio. It's absolutely hilarious. Take a look:

Tell me you didn't crack up when the mascot started slapping him on the backside!

The other video I found wasn't so much hilarious as it was joyous. He is shown in this one dancing at his own wedding with his beautiful bride, Anahi:

There's also a video of him being photographed with Anahi on the day of the nuptials, presumably in his hometown in Mexico.

The wedding videos were posted in December 2010 so, it appears that Ramiro is a newlywed. Congratulations to the happy couple and, get well soon, Nino.

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