LADY AT THE BAT: The Red Sox, The Rotation and Supernova

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Red Sox, The Rotation and Supernova

Baseball Armageddon returns tonight when the Yankees open their three-game weekend series against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Thanks to the Yankees seven-game winning streak it will be a battle for first place in the AL East. I'm looking forward to the series. I can't wait to see which team will end up on top when all is said and done on Sunday night.

Another thing I can't wait for his the decision the Yankees will make about the rotation. The six-man rotation they used this past week worked out pretty well, if you don't count AJ Burnett's awful start. The team is not committing to continuing the six-man staff next week so it is likely that someone will have to removed from the rotation. Who?

It doesn't look like it will be Phil Hughes. He has already been tapped to start on Tuesday against the Angels. That decision was made before Ivan Nova even made his start last night and I don't think that was fair. By doing that they were essentially telling Nova he was going to be taken out of the rotation. Why? He has pitched better than Hughes this season. Yes, Hughes won 18 games last season but, that was last season.

I'm not saying Hughes should be taken out of the rotation. That distinction should go to Burnett. Big money contract or not, AJ Burnett should be taken out of the Yankees rotation. But, it probably won't happen. Ivan Nova will be sent to Scranton in the next few days. I just hope he keeps pitching well and doesn't let it get in his head.

Here's to you, Supernova.

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