LADY AT THE BAT: The 2011 Yankees: Three Key Moments From The Key Three

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 2011 Yankees: Three Key Moments From The Key Three

Until last night it had been a special season for two of the three active Core Fore Yankees. Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit in story-book fashion and Mariano Rivera notched his record-breaking 602nd save.  But, for Jorge Posada, the season was anything but special. It seemed as if he was on his way to an unceremonious career end, relegated to the bench late in the season and not expected to make the postseason roster.

Until last night, that is. As he has done so often in his career, Posada rose to the occasion and drove in the go-ahead, division-clinching runs. After the final out of the game, Kim Jones of YES interviewed Posada, and asked if this was a special personal achievement, the way Jeter's and Rivera's were earlier this year. He said, "I don't know about that," and added something to the effect of just helping the team win. Here's te interview:

Always the humble one, that Posada. Well, he may not consider it a big personal achievement along the lines of Jeter's and Rivera's, but I do. I think it's fitting that he was the one who got the game-winning hit last night, and I think it's very meaningful that the three of them, The Key Three, shined the way they did this year. They are the anchors of this great playoff run which began in 1995 and, except for a hiccup in 2008, continues each year to this day.

Congratulations to Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and the entire Yankee team!

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