LADY AT THE BAT: It Was "The Curse Of The Andino!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Was "The Curse Of The Andino!"

So the collapse of the 2011 Red Sox is complete.  After all the talk at the beginning of the season and after their dominance of the Yankees all season long, they are going home and not going to the postseason. It goes down as the greatest collapse in MLB history.

How could it happen? All the so-called analysts are all over ESPN, MLB Network and other outlets, offering up explanations. I yawn when I hear them. I have heard only one explanation that I like: The Curse Of The Andino.

Michael Kay was the first person I heard utter the phrase. He said it on his radio show today and he attributed it to Nick Swisher. I doubt Nick made it up himself, because if you google it, it turns up in over a half dozen search results. In any case, it appears we have a new Red Sox Curse, and we have none other than Robert "bleeping" Andino of the Baltimore Orioles to thank for it. His clutch hitting against Boston over the last few weeks helped to seal the fate of the Red Sox.

I loved what Andino said about his accomplishments: "End of season like this, to make Boston go home sad, crying, I'll take it all day." [NESN]

So will I, Robert. So will I.


Red Sox Nation!!!!! said...

I think it's more like the "Curse of the Delman Young" or after today's shellacking of AJ and an elimination in the first round for the Yanks (what else is new), maybe it's the "Curse of AJ"

hey lady.........Haha!!!!

Bernadette Pasley said...

Better to make the playoffs and be eliminated than not make them at all.

Hey Red Sox Nation......Haha!!!!!