LADY AT THE BAT: Bobby Valentine as Red Sox Manager? Doesn't Sound Right

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bobby Valentine as Red Sox Manager? Doesn't Sound Right

I don't know why but, when I heard this morning that Bobby Valentine probably will be the next Red Sox manager, I did a double take. Yes, I am aware that his name has been mentioned as a candidate for some time now. But, for some reason, I never thought he would actually get the job.

People are calling this a perfect fit. They are saying he will restore order to the Red Sox Clubhouse, he is the exact opposite of Terry Francona, he will out-manage Joe Girardi, and, he will put a spark in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Really?

I don't know much about Valentine. I only know what I remember seeing when he managed the Mets: the mustache incident, the weird way he had his first basemen play first base with a runner on, and that creepy smile. He has a reputation for thinking "outside of the box." Call me crazy but, I don't think his is a personality that fits well with Boston. If I were a betting woman I would totally bet against it. Would you? Click here for your online sportsbook.

Of course, if the Red Sox win, none of this will matter. But, if they don't, watch out, Bobby. You'll be ripped to shreds faster than you can say "Steve Phillips."


Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled they actually picked someone.
The Red Sox made a decision!
I think it was a coin toss, really.
And I'm trying to keep my judgy self in check until Bobby V screws up with a Sox cap on.
Teixiera thinks it's a great decision, I hear...

Bernadette Pasley said...

Teixiera should stop going on about Bobby V and concentrate on learning how to hit to the opposite field.

Should be pretty interesting in Boston in 2012.