LADY AT THE BAT: Manny Ramirez Up To His Old Antics Again

Monday, December 12, 2011

Manny Ramirez Up To His Old Antics Again

It's funny how Manny Ramirez's reinstatement came around the same time the Ryan Braun news broke. Funny, but sad. We will hear more about Braun in the coming days or weeks, presumably, but Manny has finally decided to talk.

He granted an interview to ESPN Deportes which is summarized here.  In it he claims he received bad advice on what to do after the second positive test was announced. He also expresses his support for Braun:

"Ryan is a tremendous ball player ... the information out there is pure speculation. He must be allowed to speak in order to know what is happening," 

Speculation? Is that what you're calling it, Manny? Okay, whatever.  Let's see if a team takes a chance on you in 2012, after you serve your 50 game suspension.

Fifty games! This really has me hot under the collar. Apparently his mini-retirement is being counted as "time served," and he will only have to serve 50 games, not 100. To borrow a line from Braun, I think that is B.S.. He shouldn't get off that easily. But, he is. The whole thing reminds me of when I compared him to a character in an episode of the old "Twilight Zone" TV series. He is still that small boy, getting away with everything while the adults sit nearby watching helplessly.

I'm tired of Manny and his antics. Hopefully there are 30 MLB teams out there who are tired as well.

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