LADY AT THE BAT: On The Marlins And Their Busy Off-Season

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On The Marlins And Their Busy Off-Season

The off-season continues to be a quiet one for the New York Yankees: a few rumors, a few minor signings but nothing earth-shattering. The team that is doing its best to shatter the earth is, of course, the Miami Marlins. They have been doing it since before the season ended, when they hung Ozzie Guillen on their Christmas tree, otherwise known as their new stadium.

They have added two more ornaments since then: Heath Bell and, just today, Jose Reyes. They are trying their best to reach the top of the tree to add the star, a shiny bauble named Albert Pujols. If they can't add Pujols, they will do their best to decorate the tree with other high-priced free agents on the market.

What kind of a tree is it? Is it an evergreen? Will it stay filled with life after the 2012 season? Heck, will it stay filled after the All-Star Break?  As everyone knows, baseball has a terrible track record in Florida, where people go to retire, people who have already been rooting for other teams their entire lives. Why should they switch to the Marlins or the Rays?  I suppose the Marlins have resigned themselves to this, since they are going after the Latino market.

How do Latinos in South Florida feel about this?  Will it really make them want to come out to the ballpark just because Jose Reyes is flying around the bases and Albert Pujols might be hitting balls into the seats?  Or, are they insulted by this marketing plan?  My personal experience with Latinos has led me to believe that they don't really care who plays on their teams. So, I am of the opinion that this appeal to Latinos will go unanswered.

In any case, I can't wait to see how this all turns out. We will find out soon enough whether a tree grows in South Florida or non-existent fans I'll call Paul Bunyan chop it down.

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