LADY AT THE BAT: 2 Years Ago On Lady At The Bat: Remembering Todd Drew

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 Years Ago On Lady At The Bat: Remembering Todd Drew

All this week I have been celebrating five years of posting to Lady At The Bat with re-posts of some of the more than 750 posts here about the Yankees, Major League Baseball and my life as a Yankee fan. Today's look down memory lane is a tribute a fellow blogger who passed away two years ago, Todd Drew.  Todd loved his Yankees, but he loved people, too. His blog was devoted to giving a voice to those who had none: people in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. Here is my remembrance of him, on January 19, 2009:

Today is Martin Luther King Day. A year ago on this day I paid my daily visit to Pete Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog and discovered a new voice in the Yankee blogging community. Well, new to me anyway. Pete was in the midst of his January pinch hitting series, where everyday of the month he puts up a post by a different Yankee blogger. On Martin Luther King Day last year it was Todd Drew's turn.

I didn't know Todd personally, but from what I could tell, he was all about two things: The Yankees and empowering those less fortunate. I believe that was why Pete chose to showcase Todd's post on Martin Luther King Day...Read Entire Post


The links in the post still work, so feel free to click on them to read Todd's blog and learn more about him.  Thanks for reading.

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