LADY AT THE BAT: AJ is Gone And His Pies Should Be, Too

Saturday, February 25, 2012

AJ is Gone And His Pies Should Be, Too

Now that AJ Burnett is no longer a Yankee, speculation has begun as to whether or not his pie act will continue and, if it does, who should do the honors. Joe Girardi was asked about it the other day. He said "The guys enjoyed it. Someone might do it, continue the tradition."[The Star-Ledger]

I don't know if Girardi was serious or was simply being polite to the reporter who asked him about it, but I don't like what he said. Even if the players did enjoy it, it is a tradition that must come to an end.

The pie throwing seemed to lighten up a traditionally buttoned-up Yankee clubhouse. Everyone, including myself, enjoyed watching AJ stealthily carry out his attack against a player who'd just gotten a walk-off hit. Now AJ's a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he will likely debut his pie act there at some point during the season. He essentially said he would, during an interview I watched early last season: He said that he has thrown pies everywhere he has gone in his career.

How would it look if, on the same day AJ is pieing Andrew McCutchen, Nick Swisher is pieing Robinson Cano? Silly, that's what. Though it's been done for years by many different people in many areas of society, AJ's pie act is something that defines him, and if the Yankees keep doing it, they will just look like copycats.

So please, guys, no more pies. AJ is gone and his pies should be, too.

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