LADY AT THE BAT: Audio: What Mo Actually Said About Retirement

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Audio: What Mo Actually Said About Retirement

It's been a long Winter and everyone connected with the Yankees in any capacity, including the media, has, I'm sure, been itching to get off asses and do something baseball-related. Mariano Rivera gave everyone that chance yesterday when he made his now-famous comments about his future (or, maybe not-so-future) retirement.

My Twitter timeline exploded with tweets from beat writers and fans alike, all assuming that this season will be Mo's last. Well, maybe I'm in denial, but I didn't make that assumption. My first thought was that, if he were really going to retire at season's end, he would not have made any comment at all, just as his former teammates Jorge Posada and Mike Mussina did. I thought that, if it were me, I'd just be inclined to keep my mouth shut about it.

Until this morning I'd only read the comments. Then I heard actual audio of Mo saying them:

Now I'm leaning toward Mo leaning toward retirement. So sad. But who knows? We'll just have to wait and see. For now we can keep on saying, "Gotta go to Mo!"

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