LADY AT THE BAT: Dear NY Yankees: Ignore Bobby Valentine

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear NY Yankees: Ignore Bobby Valentine

I'm sure they will. The New York Yankees are too buttoned-down and corporate to get into a back and forth with Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. They will let their actions on the field do the talking.

But just imagine what would happen if they don't ignore Bobby Valentine. The Yankees will be called thin-skinned. It will be written and talked about that Valentine is pushing their buttons, that he is "getting" to them.

So far Valentine's "comments" have been ignored by the Yankees. Until yesterday they were all made before Spring Training began. Now the media has access to the Yankees and can ask them for rebuttals. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, Valentine's latest targets, will likely be questioned about it today. I have complete confidence in Jeter to do the right thing and say nothing. Alex's handling of situations like this has improved over the years so, I'm not too worried about him, either.

However, even if the Yankees do ignore Valentine it will not stop him.  This will definitely go on throughout the season. Count on him to provide lots of quotes for writers and bloggers, now until the final pitch of the season and beyond.

Update, 11:45AM- Jeter and A-Rod have spoken and, while it's a bit more than I expected them to say, it's still pretty acceptable in my book. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Typical Bobby Valentine BS pathetic
, he'll never get into Dereks or A Rods head and his mouth is going to embarass Red Sox vets. As usual Yankees take the high road and will win the division. Red Sox will get well deserved third place. Evening expanding the playoffs wont help them or Valentine.

Chrissy said...

I'd be fibbing if I said Valentine's comments didn't rile me up when I first read them. It's always tough to take when someone comes out talking tough for no discernible reason about my boys. I calmed down, though, and am glad the Yankees took the more mature route. Let Valentine have to do the backtracking (as he partially did today) and the explaining.

Three days (and some change) til the first televised ST game. Getting closer!!!