LADY AT THE BAT: Thoughts About The Dodgers and Magic Johnson

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts About The Dodgers and Magic Johnson

It was great to hear today that the Dodgers have finally been sold.  It appears that LA will not go to the dogs after all.  Instead, it will be owned by a group of businessman that includes Magic Johnson. Good for the Dodgers and good for Magic Johnson.

It's good for the Dodgers because they are such an historic, pioneering franchise. A ballclub that broke barriers with the signing of Jackie Robinson many years ago didn't deserve to go through the mess Frank McCourt put it through.

It's good for Magic Johnson because it shows just how far he has come since making his HIV announcement 20 years ago. He went from everyone thinking he was going to die to owning a piece of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Good for him.

While I'm happy for Johnson, I don't share Buster Olney's opinion that a big deal should be made of the fact that an African-American now owns an MLB team.  Sure, Johnson is African-American, but he's a celebrity. How hard could it have been for him to accomplish it? I'd be more impressed if someone out of the limelight had done it.

In any case, it's a great day for MLB. The Dodgers have been saved and it's Magic time again.

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