LADY AT THE BAT: Book Review: Driving Mr Yogi, By Harvey Araton

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review: Driving Mr Yogi, By Harvey Araton

The Yankees 2012 season will finally get underway later this week in St Petersburg against the Tampa Bay Rays. That, of course, means that Spring Training is nearly over. It also means that another Spring of Driving Mr Yogi has come to a close.

Driving Mr Yogi is the name of a new book by Harvey Araton, about the relationship between Hall Of Fame catcher Yogi Berra and Cy Young Award winner Ron Guidry. The book is based on a New York Times article Mr Araton wrote about Berra and Guidry last Spring, detailing their close bond and the time they spend together in Spring Training every year.

It was a wonderful article and it is an equally wonderful book. Mr Araton does a great job of reminding
readers that the Yankees not only honor their past but include it in the present. His description of the
relationship between Berra and Guidry is very moving. He also gives an insightful look at the personalities of
each man, personalities that, until I read the book, I didn't know existed.

Yankee fans will love this book, and because the beloved Yogi Berra is one of its subjects, fans of every
other team will, too.

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