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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Friday Links

This is the beginning of a new weekly series where I post links to the latest posts written by women in the baseball blogosphere.  Here's the first installment:

At Lady Loves Pinstripes Kate references a popular Tom Hanks movie to describe her disdain for Yankees starter Phil Hughes.

Jane Heller is more optimistic about Hughes and feels even better about Curtis Granderson's 3HR performance last night at Confessions Of A She-Fan.

The ladies over at Babes Love Baseball are holding a contest. The prize is a copy of the book Remembering Fenway Park.

At This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes Rebecca G has writes about the great Hank Greenberg.

The just completed Twins-Yankees series is recapped, from the point of view of Twins blogger, K-bro.

Ronni Redmond shares her thoughts about the recently-announced retirement of Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez at Garlic Fries And Baseball.

Other notes:

* I'm looking forward to seeing the Yankees in their throwback uniforms today at Fenway Park. It should be a good series, as well. For the Yankees.

* Looks like it's going to be Phil Hughes vs Yu Darvish next week in Texas. That should go well. Yeah, right.

Enjoy the links, everyone.

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