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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Friday Links

Here is this week's Ladies Linkfest:

Metsgrrl's first visit to Citi Field this year coincided with the return of Jose Reyes.

At Toeing The Rubber, Cyn applauds Brandon McCarthy's criticism of the homophobic use of ballpark "Kiss Cams."

Squawker Lisa is very critical of Yankees GM Brian Cashman in the wake of the Pineda injury over at Subway Squawkers.

At Confessions Of A She-Fan, Jane Heller ponders A-Rod's comments about his ex, Cameron Diaz, as well as other Yankees off-day fodder.

Kate has posted her weekly 2012 MLB Power Rankings at Lady Loves Pinstripes.

Other Notes: 

* It'll be Justin Verlander against Ivan Nova tonight when the Detroit Tigers visit the Yankees at the Stadium. In recent years, Verlander hasn't pitched well at the Stadium and Nova has won something like 13 straight regular-season games. Freddy Garcia will pitch one of the other games in the Tigers series, which puts more pressure on Nova and CC Sabathia to lead the team to a series win.

* Podcast 5 is in the works. Scheduled to appear are Kate from Lady Loves Pinstripes and Hart Seely of the blog It Is Far, It Is High It Is...Caught, who has written a new book called The Juju Rules....

Enjoy the links, and have a great weekend!

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