LADY AT THE BAT: Ozzie Guillen Will Never Be The Same

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie Guillen Will Never Be The Same

As he should be, Ozzie Guillen is truly sorry for what is probably the worst thing he's ever done in his life: professing love for Fidel Castro while being an employee of an organization located in Little Havana.

Up until now, Guillen's been known as one of the few guys in the public eye who can say anything they want and, aside from a slap on the wrist, suffer no consequences.  Even though he said controversial things, the media and the public alike did little to criticize him. They basically enabled the addiction that was his voice, a free-spouting faucet with no editing valve. Well, now he has hit rock bottom.  I will venture to say that, like other addicts, he has probably admitted that he is powerless over his voice, and he will, a day at a time, speak about only politically-correct, non-controversial subjects.

The Ozzie Guillen we know and (maybe secretly) love has breathed his last breath. Say "hello" to the new and improved Ozzie. He might be boring but, he'll never embarrass you or himself ever again.

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Sports Chump said...

Interesting take, however, if I had to put money on it, I'm pretty sure he'll something something to get his name in the news at least once more before it's all said and done.

Here's my take on the whole issue, if you're interested.