LADY AT THE BAT: Podcast Episode 4: Goodbye Bahston, Howdy Big D

Monday, April 23, 2012

Podcast Episode 4: Goodbye Bahston, Howdy Big D

This episode was recorded before yeterday's finale between the Yankees and Red Sox was rained out, so it includes no discussion about the upcoming showdown between Hiroki Kuroda and Yu Darvish. I read somewhere that it will be the seventh time in MLB history that two Japanese pitchers will face each other in a game. Kuroda doesn't want to lose face, I'm sure, so he'll do his best to pitch a good game. I don't envy either one of them, however. I get nervous when just a few people watch me do something!

Joining me for this episode are Mike Passeri of New York Yankees Update who, once again, talks Yankees with me. My other guest is Dan Edmonson of Chicken Fried Baseball, a Texas Rangers blog. Topics include the Fenway Centennial, Saturday's big 15-9 comeback win, Yu Darvish, and Pudge Rodriguez.

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