LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Gambled And Lost With Freddy Garcia

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yankees Gambled And Lost With Freddy Garcia

When last season ended the Yankees decided that they had to choose between re-signing Freddy Garcia or Bartolo Colon. The salad days for both pitchers were long gone but, each had re-invented himself and had a successful 2011 season. Colon withered by season's end, however. So, for 2012, the Yankees put their money on Freddy Garcia.

It is a gamble the Yankees appear to have lost, as Colon has started off the season pitching very well for the Oakland A's.  Garcia, on the other hand, was banished to the bullpen yesterday, after pitching poorly in each of his starts this season. This and other questionable pitching decisions GM Brian Cashman has made over the years make him look almost as if he knows nothing about pitching. If that is the case, he might as well read a sportsbook review to help him decide who to "bet" on.

So, Freddy's out of the rotation. After each of his starts this year, I tweeted lyrics to '70s soul singer Curtis Mayfield's hit song "Freddies Dead."  So, to close his rotation chapter, I present to you the full song:


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