LADY AT THE BAT: Are The Yankees Making Full Use Of Kevin Long?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are The Yankees Making Full Use Of Kevin Long?

They're a .500 team now, tied for last place in the AL East, mainly because they are 0 for their last 70 (or, something like that) with runners in scoring position. Last night alone they were 0-13 with RISP. Joe Girardi defended his lineup during his postgame press conference:

"Our guys are prepared. They're doing their work everyday."

Are they? Something Paul O'Neill said during the game telecast last night on YES made me wonder if this is really true. I'm paraphrasing here, but O'Neill mentioned Kevin Seitzer, the Royals hitting coach, and said that being a hitting coach on a young team like the Royals is more desirable and more fulfilling than having the same job on a team of veterans. If you're a hitting coach for a team like the Royals, young hitters are more likely to seek you out, and, if they don't seek you out, they are much more approachable, whereas on a veteran team like the Yankees, you pretty much wait to be asked for help.

Is Kevin Long sitting around waiting to be asked for help from the veterans in the Yankee lineup? If so, there should come a time when Long should be able to override all that veteran behavior and take charge. I actually think that time has come and gone. Come on, K-Long, take back the team and get this offense back off the ground!


Kate Conroy said...

I am not sure Kevin Long can do much more??

The hitters are working hard but tweaking their swings sometimes can make things worse....look what happened with Jeter last season when he tried something different.

I am more worried about Cano and Granderson as they are in their primes and they are not hitting either, at least with runners in scoring postion.

netyank52 said...

It seems to me that Girardi is more interested in giving guys days off than establishing a set lineup. These guys are in very good shape and they should be able to go more than 5 or 6 days in the field without a day off! I am of the opinion, as one who has followed baseball for more than 55 years, that giving Jeter a day off when he's hitting .370 is counter-productive.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Good points, Kate. Maybe last night's result is the start of a turnaround. I certainly hope so!

I'm not sure I agree, netyank52. The MLB season is more of a grind than it was 55 years ago (more travel, more teams, etc.). If these days off mean guys like Jeter will be refresher during the dog days to come, I'm all for it.