LADY AT THE BAT: David Robertson Injury Means An Average Bullpen

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

David Robertson Injury Means An Average Bullpen

If David Robertson hadn't been so mediocre in the two save attempts he made last week, I'd be way more upset about his injury. I had been in the Robertson As Closer Camp before he started closing and was willing to keep camping out after he blew his second save opportunity. But now that he has gone on the 15-day DL for that strained left oblique, it's easy for me to admit he didn't distinguish himself as a closer. It is also easy for me to put my support behind Rafael Soriano as closer.

After all, what choice to I have? The bullpen, which started off as a major strength, is now just an average group of guys. That is probably why Joe Girardi isn't willing to assign roles, other than anointing Soriano as closer. Whoever sheds the "average" tag and steps up his game will get assigned a role.

Maybe none of it will be necessary if Robertson hurries back. But, as Girardi said yesterday, obliques can be tricky. Robertson might be out a while, and the bullpen could be in for a truly rough stretch.

Other News: 

* These are not your older brother's Orioles, so a split against them is not a terrible thing. It is disappointing, however, especially since CC Sabathia (who, by the way, is looking pretty trim) pitched the second game.

* A two-game set in Toronto starts tonight. Will the Yankees be playing your older brother's Blue Jays? I hope so.

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