LADY AT THE BAT: David Robertson's First Save: Not Enjoyable!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

David Robertson's First Save: Not Enjoyable!

David Robertson summed things up perfectly after last night's Yankee win against the Rays:

"Mo probably would've thrown 12 pitches and broken a bat, and we'd have been gone 20 minutes ago."  []

Mo, of course, wasn't there, and won't be until next season if all goes well. Instead, we saw the beginning of the David Robertson era. The pitcher everyone calls Houdini lived up to his nickname once again, loading the bases while throwing 25 pitches, a little more than half of them for strikes.

Just before Carlos Pena was called out on strikes to end the game, I imagined how the media would declare the Yankees all but dead if Pena put the ball in the seats. The discussion would seemingly never end, and I fell back on my bed and buried my face in my pillow, dreading the whole thing.

When it was over I felt as if I'd just gone through a root canal, or something like it. I was more happy that it was over than I was about the fact that it was a win. This had not been enjoyable.

But, I suppose I'd better get used to it. Fans of other teams go through this on a regular basis. Mariano Rivera is (and maybe, was) a god. David Robertson is a closer.

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