Friday, May 4, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Friday Links, Or, An Homage To Mo

Today's ladies linkfest is all about number 42:

Since Mariano Rivera is out, last night's loss is not important to Crazy Yankee Chick.

Jane Heller is still trying to process the injury over at Confessions Of A She-Fan.

At Subway Squawkers, Squawker Lisa reports that even her writing partner, Mets fan Squawker Jon, feels badly for Mo.

Rebecca G has posted a poignant remembrance of Mo over at This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes.

Kate is at a loss for words, so at Lady Loves Pinstripes, she has posted what she read about Mariano Rivera on her Twitter feed after the injury.

And, finally, Rebel Yankee Chick does a good job of summing the entire terrible situation up.

Enjoy the links.

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