LADY AT THE BAT: Ladies At The Bat: Yankee-Free Friday Links

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Yankee-Free Friday Links

The Yankees are like sugar these days: very enticing, promising a good time but leaving one lethargic and miserable. So, just as there are sugar-free foods, there are Yankee-free ladies linkfests:

K-Bro's Baseball Blog recaps the Minnesota Twins recent series against their division rivals, the Detroit Tigers.

At Garlic Fries and Baseball, Ronni is holding a contest to give away a copy of her book of the same name.

Cyn gives her thoughts about the Brett Lawrie suspension at Toeing The Rubber.

Paige Sultzbach is a girl who plays baseball (not softball). Read about her struggles to be accepted by the boys at Girls Play Baseball.

Micah Chaplin writes about the latest Yu Darvish start at Baseball Is My Boyfriend.

Enjoy the links, everyone. I'll start using the "sugar" again on Monday!

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