LADY AT THE BAT: Melky's May: Former Yankee Off To A Great Start With SF

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Melky's May: Former Yankee Off To A Great Start With SF

With all the big names on Yankees rosters over the past decade, you would think that my favorite player would be an All-Star, an MVP, a Hall Of Famer, or something close to it. No. My favorite player during the 2000s was none other than the Melkman, Melky Cabrera. I loved his enthusiasm and his penchant for getting clutch hits in big situations. Out of the 15 or so walk-off hits the Yankees had in 2009, Melky was responsible for several of them. That year, I took to calling him Baby Clutch, since his older teammate, Derek Jeter, was referred to as Captain Clutch. I remember that, when he was traded to Atlanta at the end of the season, I was already going through some tough personal problems, and it devastated me to see my favorite player leave. What bad timing.

Atlanta released him after a tough 2010 season. Last year he landed with Kansas City and re-dedicated himself, having such a good season that he was traded to the Giants this past Winter.

Which brings us to this month. Melky is hitting .376/.420/.556 in the Giants’ first 50 games. His 50 hits this month are more than any other Giant has had in May, including Willie Mays. I'm very proud of him. I hope he keeps it up, makes the All-Star team and gets consideration for MVP. After that, he can come back to the Yankees! Why not? I've enjoyed Nick Swisher but he'll be a free agent after this season (as will Melky). I'm starting the campaign right now: Bring Back The Melkman! Who's with me?

Update, 5/31/12: One more hit for the Melkman last night, which brings his total for the month to 51. That ties a San Francisco Giants record. He's leading the NL in average and in total bases. I'll say it again: Bring Back The Melkman!

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