LADY AT THE BAT: Mo Blessed, Robertson Blows

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mo Blessed, Robertson Blows

I am going to ignore Day 2 of The David Robertson Era. It is too painful even to think about. Although, I suppose I would be in much more pain if I were more than the fair weather Knicks fan then I am and if I were a New York Rangers fan period. So there's that.

What kind of a fan is Mariano Rivera?  You know he is a fan of God (even if some fans call Mo himself a god.). He considers himself a child of God and believes everything happens for a reason.  When I heard about his blood clot yesterday I couldn't help but wonder if Mo is right. While it's not entirely clear, it seems that, had he not injured his knee, the blood clot would not have been discovered, which would have led to tragedy. So, Mo might have been "blessed" with that torn ACL.

Is there a blessing in the first two David Robertson outings? If there is, I hope someone finds it soon.

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