LADY AT THE BAT: On The Site Of The Old Yankee Stadium: Heritage Park (PHOTOS)

Monday, May 28, 2012

On The Site Of The Old Yankee Stadium: Heritage Park (PHOTOS)

When plans for a new Yankee Stadium were unveiled several years ago, many people were disturbed, and some were actually outraged, that it would be on the site of a beloved neighborhood hangout: Macombs Dam Park. The Yankees were called many names, the least of which was heartless. "How could they do this to the poor, under-served people of that neighborhood?" they asked. Pretty much everyone ignored the fact that the plans for the Stadium called for rebuilding and improving the park. The new park opened in two stages: Yancy Track & Field opened before the new Stadium was complete, and just south of it, Macombs Dam Park reopened just this year. The entire site is called Heritage Park. I finally got a chance to visit it today. Here are some pictures I took:

Heritage Park

The good people of the neighborhood surrounding Yankee Stadium made out pretty well, don't you think? I knew they would. After all, this is the New York Yankees we're talking about. They'd never let their neighbors down.

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