LADY AT THE BAT: Yanks For Sale Soon? What New Owner Could Be Like

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yanks For Sale Soon? What New Owner Could Be Like

If you believe what it says in an article in today's New York Daily News, the New York Yankees could be up for sale in the near future. If a sale happens (and, I don't believe it will) one of the big questions a new owner will get is "What things, if any, will be different under your watch?" I started thinking about this after I read the article. If changes are made, you could see some shocking things, such as:

Names on the back of uniforms

No more Old Timers Day

Facial hair on the players

But there may also be welcome changes:

Replacing John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on the radio broadcast

The end of God Bless America  (Trust me, I'm not anti-American!)

Better relationships with fan bloggers, and with individuals like Bald Vinny

There are probably better examples than these. What are they? Leave your comments below.

Other Notes:

* Everyone is talking about the 2 home runs Alex Rodriguez hit last night against the Royals. Was it the start of something big? I don't know. If he had hit them off a solid MLB pitcher, I'd say yes. But they came against Will Smith, a rookie who pitched like the guy known as the Fresh Prince might have. I'll reserve judgement until he goes deep off a better pitcher.

* After an off-day today, the Yankees start a West Coast road trip with a series in Oakland. I hate West Coast trips! I'm usually sound asleep by the third inning of night games. I'd love it if all the games started at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. That will happen when the current Yankee ownership replaces Sterling and Waldman. (In other words, never.)

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