LADY AT THE BAT: Breaking Down Some Truly Sparkling Yankee Stats

Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking Down Some Truly Sparkling Yankee Stats

If you aren't a Yankee fan, you may not know (or, care about) the stats below. If you are one, you won't mind seeing them again. The Yankees:

Have won 9 straight games.

Have won 9 straight against teams with winning records for the first time ever.

Have swept 3 straight series.

Are on their longest winning streak in 3 years.

Are 15 games over .500.

Are in first place in the American League East. 

Are 13-2 in the month of June, the best in the Majors.

Have the best record in the American League at 40-25

Truly sparkling stats. How did they do it? Two things: 1) Pitching- Both the starters and relievers have pitched their butts off this month. 2) The long ball- The Yankees have 99 home runs so far this season, tops in MLB. This team has definitely turned things around.

Or, have they?

Yesterday they were 0-12 with runners in scoring position. To state the obvious, they will never make it through the playoffs hitting like that with RISP.  Also, they won't hit a ton of home runs in the playoffs. Pitchers in the playoffs are just too good. Finally, this 9-game winning streak came against National League teams. The Yankees always get fat during Interleague Play. If they continue to play well once Interleague Play ends, they'll really be showing me something.

In the meantime, Interleague Play continues this week against the Braves (again) and the Mets. It should be fun. Go Yankees!


Uncle Mike said...

Pitchers in the Playoffs are just too good? Considering that the Nats may well make the Playoffs -- for the first time in franchise history in a full season, as they only did it once as the Expos and that in a strike-FUBARed season -- I'm not worried.

That said, I'll be a lot more confident when Robertson shakes off the rust and Gardner returns. When that happens, this team could go from solid to scary -- which is what teams that win 18 out of 22 should be considered, scary.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Sounds like you're rooting for a Nats-Yanks World Series. Sounds like fun, but I'd rather see Dodgers-Yanks. If the Yanks lose it, at least Mattingly will finally get a ring. :)