LADY AT THE BAT: Congratulations To Johan Santana & The New York Mets

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Congratulations To Johan Santana & The New York Mets

For many years now I've had a fear about the New York Mets: that they would get their first no-hitter against the Yankees. Well, I can rest assured that won't happen now, thanks to Johan Santana and an umpire's blown call. It took them 50 years but, they finally got it done.

I never root for the Mets and I wasn't rooting for them last night, either. But when I saw how excited Johan Santana was after that final out, I realized that I was extremely happy for him. After all he's been through the past few years with his injury, it's so nice to see that he's come all the way back, and that he's at the helm of an improbable start no one, including the experts, thought this team would have.

So congratulations to Johan Santana and the New York Mets. You've made this a two-team town again. That's good for New York and good for baseball.

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