LADY AT THE BAT: On The Love And Hate For Nick Swisher

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On The Love And Hate For Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher's 3rd inning home run and three 8th inning put-outs were a big part of the Yankees 7-1 win over the Cleveland Indians last night at the Stadium. Swisher was his usual boisterous self during the game, celebrating his contributions with that trademark flamboyance of his that makes people either love him or hate him.

I hadn't really thought there were people who disliked Nick Swisher until the Subway Series began at Yankee Stadium earlier this season. Mets fans and media people who have had no dealings with Swisher bitterly criticized him, and called Yankees Universe a bunch a hypocrites for calling out Jose Reyes when he, supposedly, acted the same way. 

Around the same time, those Men's Journal Poll results were published, and they showed that Swisher's peers voted him the third-most hated player in MLB.

Is all of this fair? Is it really fair to compare Swisher to Jose Reyes and to put so much stock into the Men's Journal Poll? No. First of all, the Men's Journal Poll seems significant until you realize that only 100 players were surveyed. There are 750 players on Major League rosters at any given time. So, basically, the poll means squat. Secondly, Mets fans and the media people they depend on seem to have forgotten that Jose Reyes' antics were on the baseball field, in full view of the opposing team. (Remember that end-of-season series against the Marlins?) Reyes danced on the field. I've never seen Swisher dance. So, come on. Just stop the comparisons already.

Of course, they won't stop. And no one will admit that only 100 players responded to the poll. Why? Because they're fans. I'm a fan, too. If I were a Mets fan I'd hate Nick Swisher with a passion.

That's just the way it is.


Uncle Mike said...

Met fans can talk about Swisher all they want, but he helped his team win a World Series. There are players on the Mets now who weren't even born yet when their team last won one.

And as for that 1986 title, any Met fan who remembers that and celebrates their miscreantitude (the way Phillies fans celebrate 1993's "Macho Row" and Red Sox fans their recent "Idiot" titles) has no right to question Swish's level of class.

coolnewyorker said...

Although I played college baseball, I have never reached the level of pro-sports competition to identify or emphatize with pro players in their behaviors.

I suspect celebratory exuberant gestures after a great play are probably inevitably unavoidable...and should be allowed, if not appreciated.

I totally love them...from any players, from any any sports.

To me it is a bonus, a lagniappe if you will.

I am in full disagreement with sportscasters who make fuss about them pejoratively and often, with instigatory intent.

Yep, c'mmon Swish...keep 'em rolling. Can't wait till Joba gets into the act. I sorely miss those exclamation point post inning-ending KO "pumps".

Bernadette Pasley said...

Well said, guys.

Can't get enough of Swishalicious!

coolnewyorker said...

Thanks Bernadette for being... well, not mean.

You may say, "I am not Kate(of LLP)and this isn't "Bashingville"

Amanda said...

Other players not liking Nick is nothing new, this has been going on since his Oakland days. A friend of mine works for the A's and introduced my husband and me to Nick when we were out there. We thought he was hilarious, but once he was gone my friend said "I like Swish, but sometimes he just tries way too hard." When I first heard about Nick going to the Yankees I thought "oh, no" because the Yankees have a very staid reputation. I'm glad that the fans have embraced him, but I've watched him in the dugout and I think he has the same issues here. It's like the entry says, you either love him or hate him.

pay per head service said...

I don't know how someone can hate Swisher after he performed so well and it is an important part of the team.