LADY AT THE BAT: Wise Guy: Ump's Blown Call Makes Dewayne Look Like A Hero

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wise Guy: Ump's Blown Call Makes Dewayne Look Like A Hero

Okay, we all saw what happened. The umpire blew the call and Dewayne Wise was credited with an out, on the way to the Yankees 6-4 win over the Indians last night. Minutes after the call was made, the cries for expanded replay could be heard from all who witnessed the play, the loudest probably coming from the Indians announcers.

Expanded replay. There wouldn't be this outcry for it if it were 20 years ago. Heck, there probably wouldn't be an outcry for it if it were five years ago. Technology has developed so swiftly over the past few years that people are under the impression that the quality of umpiring has drastically decreased. Sports TV networks have the ability to show crystal clear replays from several different angles. The YES Network's YES-Mo is unbelievable. Joe Girardi was absolutely right last night when he said during his postgame press conference "It's a difficult time to be an umpire right now."

But did last night's play really magnify the need for expanded replay? No, it didn't. Umpire Mike DiMuro didn't need to look at the replay before making his call. He simply had to ask Dewayne to show him the ball. That's all. He didn't, so he blew the call. He admitted his mistake after the game: "In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball, since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision."  []

"Why'd you do it, Mike?" Or, why didn't he do it? Was DiMuro making an assumption about Dewayne Wise based on the outfielder's past? I'm sure everyone remembers the spectacular catch he made during Mark Buerle's perfect game a few years ago. Perhaps that was on DiMuro's mind.

But, whatever. What's done is done. The Indians will get over it and move on.

Other notes:

* Phil Hughes didn't give up a home run last night!  I still think it was unfair to criticize him about the 4 he gave up in his last start. The opposing pitcher also gave up 4. The ball was simply carrying that day.

* Happy belated birthday to the captain, Derek Jeter. Thirty-eight years old. He went into last night's action 11 hits ahead of where Pete Rose was when he turned 38. I'm not sure if he can pass Rose on the all-time hits list, however. What do you think?

Update, 6/28/12: I heard this morning that ESPN analyst and former baseball GM Jim Bowden is calling Dewayne Wise a cheater. He thinks Wise should be fined and suspended for not telling the umpire he didn't have the ball in his glove. Yeah, right. Thanks for letting me start my day with a good laugh, Jim. I really needed it.


coolnewyorker said...

Jete will pass long as he stays er,(ahem)"un-matched".

The moment he says "I do", he won't.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Ha! I think Jeter will be a life-long bachelor.