LADY AT THE BAT: A Selfish Ichiro Is Just What The Yankees Need

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Selfish Ichiro Is Just What The Yankees Need

Last week I wrote about the Yankees need for a speedy outfielder who knows how to manufacture runs. I assumed that, if they acquired such a player, it would "upset the apple cart." A prospect would be lost or a needed pitcher would be sacrificed. With Ichiro Suzuki, the Yankees got their outfielder and the apple cart was left in tact. In fact, it wasn't even touched. DJ Mitchell would have been, at best, a number 5 starter for the Yankees, and Danny Farquar wasn't in the team's plans at all. Best of all, the whole deal will cost the Yankees only $2.25 million. 

Not a bad deal considering that Ichiro is not Ichiro anymore. But he can still get on base and steal, as he proved last night in the Yankees 4-1 victory over Seattle. I've heard for years that he is a selfish player, that he is capable of hitting home runs but, he would rather settle for singles to keep a high batting average. Michael Kay talked about this on his radio show yesterday, saying he hoped the right field porch at the Stadium would entice Ichiro into ending his selfishness. That's ridiculous, if you ask me. The Yankees need Ichiro to keep being exactly what he is: a singles hitter who can steal bases and help manufacture runs. This is essential if they want to go deep into the postseason.

So, keep it up, Ichiro. Your selfishness will be rewarded in October. 


coolnewyorker said...

Leave it to Michael Kay.

I cannot see how average-goaled hitting can be branded selfishness given the more unproductive sequelae of failure of HR-goaled hitting.

That's why I consider Jete the most selfless team player when he went for 135 AB with bases loaded and never hit a Grand Slam in a span of a decade.

pay per head said...

It is quite tricky to say that Ichiro isn't Ichiro but at least I think that it is great that he is playing different.