LADY AT THE BAT: Another Chapter Added To Melky's Renaissance Story

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Chapter Added To Melky's Renaissance Story

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 All-Star MVP- Melky Cabrera:

Okay, so Melky's English is somewhat lacking. But the man has come a long way from his days, first as a prospect, then a fourth outfielder and, briefly, the starting centerfielder for the New York Yankees.It's really nice to see that he has stayed on track after ridding himself of bad habits that got him released from the Atlanta Braves.

A big reason for this change in Melky is his work with Alex Rodriguez. Most Yankee fans know that A-Rod is a workout fiend.  An article I read a while ago stated that The Melkman bought a house near A-Rod's in Florida, just so he could work out with him more often.

All of this makes me wonder about Alex Rodriguez. Why isn't A-Rod having the kind of year that Melky's having? All I can do is shake my head when I think about it, and hope that Alex comes on strong in the second half.

After that second half is completed, and after the postseason, Melky will be a free agent. He'll command a lot of money, money that I don't think the Yankees will be willing to spend. But, I'll say it again anyway: Bring back the Melkman! Who's with me?

Other Notes:

* Tony LaRussa didn't use R.A. Dickey until the 6th inning last night. Absolutely unacceptable. Dickey should have started the game, but if he couldn't do that, he should have been the second pitcher to enter the game for the NL.

* Robinson Cano was fine with fans tormenting him during the Home Run Derby and All Star Game, but drew the line when it came to his family. Just awful. But I'm the pot calling the kettle black. Yankee fans have  their own history of doing this to the families of opposing players. So, anyone who does it, no matter what team they root for, is an idiot.

* Are they really thinking about a Home Run Derby rule change because Cano got booed? Doesn't Bud Selig understand that Cano was vilified mainly because he is a Yankee? If he were on another team he wouldn't have been treated half as bad. Making this change would be just as poorly thought-out as making the All Star Game count was ten years ago.

Angels at the Stadium on Friday. I hope Trout and Trumbo don't tee off.

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Felix in NJ said...

I'll take Melky over "Big Swoosh" Swisher in a heartbeat!