LADY AT THE BAT: Darnell McDonald's Dreadlocks & How They Hit Home For Me

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Darnell McDonald's Dreadlocks & How They Hit Home For Me

As I predicted on the podcast I posted Monday, Darnell McDonald was designated for assignment yesterday to clear a roster spot for CC Sabathia, who had a very successful return to the Yankees rotation last night. As everyone knows, McDonald was claimed off waivers a few weeks ago when the Red Sox DFA'd him. And, as everyone knows, that meant his hair could no longer look like this:

Now he is no longer with the team. How does he feel about cutting off his dreadlocks, essentially for nothing? I know I would be downright pissed. As some of you know I, too, have dreadlocks:

Mine are obviously longer than McDonalds, so maybe it's unfair to make a comparison. But I keep thinking about how I would feel if I got hired by a company who told me I had to cut off my dreadlocks (which, by the way, I've had for over 20 years). If I really thought the job was worth it I would do it. 

So there I would be, towing the company line when, two weeks after my start date, I'd get called into the boss's office and told I was being terminated, through no fault of my own. That's exactly what happened to McDonald. I'm pretty sure I would cry, and I'd be crying just as much about the locks as I would be about losing the job.

I know McDonald's not crying. He's too busy trying to hook up with another team. I wish him all the luck in the world, both for the rest of this season and the remainder of his career. Bye bye, Darnell.

Update, 7/30/12: The good folks over at River Avenue Blues posted yesterday that McDonald made it safely through the DFA process and landed at the Yankees triple A affiliate. So, all is not for naught.


coolnewyorker said...

For all it's worth, Darnell is much much better looking the Yanks way. The dude has an all American stud persona without the dreadlock.

Now I wonder if Manny could be similarly transformed. Or he just ain't goodlooking regardless.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Nah, there's no hope for Manny. :)