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Friday, July 6, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Friday Links

Here is this week's ladies linkfest:

RebelYankeeChick has a few things to say about the few things Reggie Jackson said in Sports Illustrated this week.

Lisa of Subway Squawkers thinks Reggie is just a cranky old man.

Ronni critiques Buster Posey's "This Is SportsCenter" commercial at Garlic Fries and Baseball.

Girls Play Baseball previews an independent league game tonight that will feature Eri Yoshida, the Knuckle Princess.

Read about the Beloit Snappers, a Twins minor league team at K-Bros Baseball Blog.

Other Notes:

* I don't really think people should be surprised at Reggie Jackson for making the comments he made, or for the comments themselves. Mr October was outspoken even before he arrived in New York all those years ago. Remember "the straw that stirs the drink" comment after he became a Yankee? True, he has always claimed he never said it, but his reputation makes something like that hard to shake off.

* A new podcast episode will be posted on Monday. It'll be a first-half recap show, with old friends Mike Passeri and Michael Clair returning to help me look back on the half that was.

Four at Fenway this weekend. Enjoy the links and go Yankees!

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