LADY AT THE BAT: Royal Contempt For Cano: Two Reasons For It

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Royal Contempt For Cano: Two Reasons For It

I was wrong. I never thought there would more than a smattering of boos for Robinson Cano at Kaufman Stadium last night. But the fans there outdid themselves. It was one of the biggest shows of hatred against a player in a long time, and certainly the biggest one I have ever seen.

There were two reasons for this Royal contempt:

1) Shortly after he was named captain of the AL squad, Cano told ESPN that choosing a Royal to participate in the contest was "the right thing to do." (In a previous post, I linked to a blog that had a link to the actual interview in which he said it. It was a video on one of ESPN's sites. That video is no longer available. I find that very interesting.)

2) Cano plays for the New York Yankees. If he played for any other team, Royals fans would not have been half as angry as they were last night. Boos are an occupational hazard for members of the New York Yankees.

Add fatigue to the mix (a 4:30 am KC arrival) and you have a horrendous Home Run Derby for Robinson Cano.

Other Notes:

* Where in the world was Derek Jeter? The other Yankee representatives were on the field expressing their support for Cano throughout his turn during the Derby, but Jeter was nowhere to be seen. Just imagine if it were Alex Rodriguez who'd been missing!

* Since his team won the event, Cano's charity will receive $150,000 and another $100,00 will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs Of America in Cano's name. The donations are a wonderful thing, but is that all that having teams in the Home Run Derby means? What do the guys on the team get? Anything?

* Reggie Jackson, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch last night, will be staying away from the Yankees for a while. Depending on who you ask, he's either been banned/suspended or he and the team mutually agreed that he stay away for a while. Whatever the case, Reggie is Reggie. This incident won't be the last of its kind. He will open his mouth again. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

I would be embarrassed if I was a KC fan, where is respect for the game and the player. Was it jealousy because he is a NY player??????

Anonymous said...

KC's BUSH - pure and simple. That should be the chant the next time their team visits NY. Do those dopes really thing Robby picks the guys who will be in stupid HR Derby? Come on, hayseeds.

Anonymous said...

Did you even watch the Derby? Look at the faces on everyone. The fans were laughing, Billy Butler was laughing, even Robinson Cano was laughing. They were all just having a good time. The media (and apparently NY fans) has blown this way out of proportion. Why has nobody mentioned that the fans CHEERED Cano when he got a hit in the ASG?

Bernadette Pasley said...

In response to Anonymous commenter #3, of course Royals fans were having a good time. They were watching someone who represents all that the Royals are not fail miserably. Secondly, Twitter has been swamped with bitter Royals fans for the past week, tweeting their anger over Cano not keeping his promise. Third, anyone who pays for message planes to fly over the stadium is not just out for a laugh. Fourth, never use a player to help you make a point. Most of them were never fans and have no idea what that experience is all about. I'm sure Butler was just happy that his name was being chanted and that he was getting some attention. Finally, read this entry from the Rambling Morons blog. It sums up the years of frustration Royals fans have suffered, which they let out during the Home Run Derby.

One more thing: Did you watch the ASG? Buck and McCarver did mention the cheers when Cano got that hit.