LADY AT THE BAT: Royals Fans Up-In-Arms About Cano's Derby Choices

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Royals Fans Up-In-Arms About Cano's Derby Choices

Robinson Cano is a liar.

Before last night's 4-3 Yankee loss to the Rays, I took to Twitter and saw a series of tweets by Chris Kamler (@TheFakeNed), a guest on one of my earlier podcasts. He was calling Cano a liar and I didn't know why:

" "Yankee" is East-Coast for "Liar.""//When did he lie? What did he lie about?
 said he'd pick a local KC person for HR Derby... Then didn't.

Chris spent the remainder of the evening promoting #SayItAintCano and retweeting other Royals fans who added their two cents. I wondered if it were true. Had Cano really lied? Or, was it a big misunderstanding on the part of Royals fans?  This morning I took to Google to find proof, and I found it. breaks down the story completely, and includes a link to an ESPN video clip in which Cano says that picking a Royal for the Home Run Derby is "the right thing to do." 

What happened? Did he forget what he said? Or, did he not have complete freedom to decide who would compete in the contest?  No one's talking. Except Royals fans.

Is no one talking because there's some kind of conspiracy or cover-up? Or, does the silence indicate that this is no big deal? I think the latter.

It's just the Home Run Derby, Royals fans, not the 1985 World Series. Oh, wait, it was the Cardinals who got screwed in that series, not you. No one said life was fair. Enjoy the Derby!

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