LADY AT THE BAT: Eric Chavez Es En Fuego

Friday, August 10, 2012

Eric Chavez Es En Fuego

Eric Chavez es en fuego.  Rough translation: The guy is on fire! Chavez went 9-16 in the Yankees split of the four game series in Detroit. His biggest hit came yesterday, breaking a 3-3 tie in a game that third base umpire Tim Welke almost ruined because he was "too quick."

But forget about Welke. Since Alex Rodriguez went down, Chavez has really stepped it up, getting timely hits and reminding everyone why he won all those Gold Gloves while with Oakland. I for one never thought I'd see this kind of production of him. As I've said before, if he had gotten through the season without being seriously injured, I would have considered it a successful season for him. He's obviously done more than that, and that china doll I have referred to so many times seems to have disappeared. 

There is still more than a month left to the baseball season, however, and like an ugly prop in a horror movie, that china doll may rear its ugly head again. Hopefully, Alex Rodriguez will be back by then and production at the hot corner won't miss a beat. 

Other Notes:

* Three in Toronto before the Yankees return home for a showdown homestand against the Rangers and Red Sox:  Time to make a statement, guys.

* Ladies At The Bat will return next Friday with more links to blogs by women in the baseball blogosphere.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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