LADY AT THE BAT: Feeling Helpless On A Yankees Off-Day (And, Into The Weekend: Updates)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feeling Helpless On A Yankees Off-Day (And, Into The Weekend: Updates)

There were no positives in yesterday's series finale between the Blue Jays and Yankees. None at all. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong: CC Sabathia was ineffective, the defense made 3 errors, the lineup was 3-17 with RISP, and the bullpen stunk.

If it were earlier in the season it would be easy, as a fan, to follow that well-worn player mantra about turning the page and moving on. But it's August 30th, and with the Orioles nipping at the heels of the Yankees, it's very hard to get a loss like yesterday's out of one's system. At least, for me it is. I keep thinking about everything that went wrong in that game and, as a result, it is very hard for me to feel positive about the remaining games of the season.

I don't feel hopeless yet, but I do feel helpless, especially today, an off-day for the Yankees. The Orioles close out their series with the White Sox this afternoon. An Orioles win would bring them to within 3 games of the Yankees, which would mean that, by the time their showdown with the Yankees ends on Sunday, they could be tied for first place in the division. The Orioles! With a loss today, the worst that could happen would be a half-game one-game lead for the Yankees after Sunday's action (and, no, I haven't forgotten about the Rays).

Half a One game has never before seemed so big. Let's go White Sox.

Update, 8/31/12: So the division lead is 3 games now. I want so much for it to be 6 on Monday morning, but I'll settle for 4. Go Yankees!

Update, 9/1/12: Two games! Last night's game reminded me a of a playoff game: the kind the Yankees have been losing the past few years. It's getting harder not to feel hopeless.

Update, 9/2/12: Today the Yankees have a chance to end this series with a division lead bigger than it was when it started. If that doesn't happen, at least they'll still have sole possession of said lead. Go Yankees!

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coolnewyorker said...

Spoken like a true yanks fan.

Helpless...but not hopeless.

Yep, this has the making of the most perilous drive to the finish, what with injury-ridden crew and the uncertainty of reinforcement.

All we can do really is hold on to the remote...and never hurl it to the flat screen no matter what.

Or get in the bar, booze up and get drunk. I swear, everything feels good after a sex pack.

Six pack.