LADY AT THE BAT: Ivan Is Terrible While His Buddy AJ Is A+

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ivan Is Terrible While His Buddy AJ Is A+

I never watch the post game show after the Yankees lose, and last night was no different, as I switched to the Olympics before the final out was  made. But my Twitter timeline made sure I was aware of what certain people were saying in their post game interviews.

When asked about Ivan Nova, Joe Girardi said the starter had "no fastball command." He also said that Nova had an "inconsistent slider" and and "inconsistent curve ball." Nova, on the other hand, said he had his command and he felt good on the mound. He simply got hit and that was all there was to it. Disturbing contradictions. But not that surprising.

Nova's reaction last night reminded me a little of  former Yankee AJ Burnett and how he reacted during post game interviews last year. Burnett always tried to put a positive spin on his outings, frequently using the sentence "I threw every pitch with conviction." Thinking of that reminds me that Nova and Burnett were best buddies while they were Yankee teammates. Early in 2011, a New York Times article described their relationship, and New York Newsday published a story about an encouraging text message Nova sent to Burnett later in the year during the ALDS.

New York Times Photo

The two seemed to have exchanged places last night, as far as their performances were concerned. As they have several times this season, the two friends started for their respective teams on the same night. Burnett took a no-hitter into the 8th inning, and Nova did his best Burnett 2011 impression, both during and after the game.

I'm happy for Burnett, but if he hasn't already done so, he owes Nova an encouraging text message (or some other show of support). So pick of the phone, AJ. Your boy needs you.

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