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Friday, August 3, 2012

Ladies At The Bat: Friday Links

This week's ladies linkfest is all about my favorite team (I don't have to mention them by name, right?):

Confessions Of A She-Fan: Jane Heller returned home from her vacation on the same flight as a huge Yankees icon.

Rebel Yankee Chick: Joba Chamberlain's return to the team is a sight for sore Yankee eyes.

Second Place Is Not An Option: Stacey is very critical of ESPN Radio's New York station an their coverage of the Yankees.

Subway Squawkers: Lisa wonders if there should be a new set of Joba Rules.

The final link is a non-Yankee one, and it comes courtesy of Aaron Gleeman, who celebrated 10 years of baseball blogging this week. Congrats, Aaron. He tweeted a link to Baseball Prose, where Cee Angi presents an experiment about male and female sportswriters. Good stuff.

Enjoy the links and enjoy the weekend!

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