LADY AT THE BAT: About Cano Costing The Yankees Yesterday's Game

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About Cano Costing The Yankees Yesterday's Game

Robinson Cano either has a sore left hip, terrible judgement, or a bad case of laziness. In that fateful 8th inning of yesterday's game against the Rays, it was crucial for Cano to keep Chris Gimenez's ground ball in the infield. The ball went past him and the game went past the Yankees, by a final score of 4-3. Going into today's action, the Yankee division lead was just 1 game over the Orioles and 2.5 over the Rays.

Whatever Cano's problem is, this is the wrong time to have it. He cost the Yankees the game yesterday. Yesterday, September 3rd, not five months ago on April 3rd. There is no margin for error right now. But does Cano understand that? I'd love to know what went on in his head yesterday. Did his hip really "grab" as he told reporters? Was it, as John Harper of the New York Daily News wrote, poor judgement? Or, was it just plain laziness?

If it turns out that there was nothing wrong with his hip, someone needs to get in his face and give him the business. But Cano is the best player on the team. Who, other than the manager and coaches, is going to do that? Derek Jeter isn't an in-your-face guy. Maybe he, or someone in that clubhouse, needs to become one, if only to save the Yankees' season.

I end a lot of my posts by writing "Go, Yankees!"  But, at this point, it's more accurate to say this:



Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better

coolnewyorker said...

As long as a player allows himself to be in the line up, there is NO reason or excuse to jog to first base unless he has just hit a HR or walked.

This is one fault of Cano that I truly loathe from the very beginning, given the fact that as an infielder he should know how a hustling base runner can induce an error from infielders.

When Cano is the "runner" to first base, infielders take their time looking so relax fully aware of Cano's jogging routine.

He should have been benched right after that costly stupidity. Or fined.