LADY AT THE BAT: After Dropping Series To Orioles, Joe Girardi Deserves A Swift Kick In The Nuts

Monday, September 3, 2012

After Dropping Series To Orioles, Joe Girardi Deserves A Swift Kick In The Nuts

The New York Yankees owe a debt of gratitude to J.J. Hardy of the Baltimore Orioles. Had it not been for his error in Saturday's game at the Stadium, the Yankees might have been swept by the Birds, and would be sharing the AL division lead going into today's action. As it is now, the lead is 2 games, and it is entirely possible that the Yankees could be in second (or even third) place by the end of the week.

If they owe a debt of gratitude to Hardy, they owe a swift kick in the nuts to Joe Girardi. I'm not one to criticize any manager, especially when his team has a winning record. I usually give Girardi the benefit of the doubt while others are slamming him. But even I couldn't believe some of the moves he made in this series. To name a few:

1. Removing Hiroki Kuroda, who has been his best starter this year, after 8.1 innings in the series opener. Kuroda had given up 4 runs but he looked perfectly capable of getting the final 2 outs, thereby giving the offense a chance to rally in the bottom of the 9th. Instead, Girardi made a pitching change and, eventually, Derek Lowe gave up 2 runs, putting the game out of reach.

2. In yesterday's finale, Chris Dickerson was having a career game which included belting a 2-run homer. Yet, Girardi pinch hit for him with a slumping Andruw Jones. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind such a move but, a career game! Unbelievable. Jones made a quick out.

3. Also in yesterday's finale, Girardi made 7 pitching changes, 4 of which took place in the 8th inning. Ordinarily I don't question pitching changes. As a fan, pitching is what I understand least about baseball, so I never question what Girardi or any other manager does with his hurlers. But even an idiot could tell that this was over-kill yesterday.

To repeat, I'm not one to constantly criticize Joe Girardi. I think that cries of "Fire Girardi" are ridiculous when the team is 19 games over .500 on Labor Day. Besides, firing him, or any manager (including Bobby Valentine) this late in the season would serve no purpose whatsoever. But Girardi deserves my wrath today and whatever else Yankee fans want to throw at him.


Anonymous said...

Fire Girardi!

coolnewyorker said...

The last thing Girardi deserves or needs is a kick in the butt.

The whole year, Girardi has played winning games with the hand he was dealt -injury-ridden crew with fill in vets- not exactly the kind of team to put up there to compete with healthier and younger teams.

But the Yanks so far have stayed afloat... and (still)on top.

Many factors, often not beknown to critics and the public, get involve in making "moves". Also Girardi, just like the US president has his own "cabinet"
of advisers in decision making.

Fact is, this is the tightest pennant race in recent decades...across the leagues. With about a month left , no leading team, except possibly the Rangers have safe enough cushion. Any key players can be injured with devastating result.

We have had, I think the worst share of injuries and yet we are STILL on top. Now that we are getting healthier, this is no time to kick Girardi's butt. Let's wish him well. He has done a hell of a job, second to no one.

Bernadette Pasley said...

I understand what you're saying, Cool, but for THIS series, he deserves that kick. Period.