LADY AT THE BAT: Hey Red Sox, How About Some Help?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hey Red Sox, How About Some Help?

The Yankees take a 5 game winning streak into this weekend's series with the Oakland A's at the Stadium. Those effing Orioles, who are 1 game back, are at Fenway Park to play the Red Sox.

Remember what happened a year ago? Remember when the Orioles played the mother of all spoilers and knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs? Fun times, right? Well, wouldn't it be fun as well if the Red Sox returned the favor this weekend? It would be more than great.

But is that what the Red Sox have in mind? Will they play spoiler or will they still be thinking of the greatest rivalry in all of sports? Hard to say. I know that a lot of Red Sox fans were angry with the Yankees last year for not using Mariano Rivera in that final game against the Rays, in which Evan Longoria put the Rays in the playoffs with that final swing. They stopped just short of accusing the Yankees of throwing the game so the Rays could slip into the playoffs ahead of the Red Sox.

I know I shouldn't even be thinking about all of this. The Yankees will have their hands full with Oakland, who has had their way with them this season. But, I can't help it. My attention will be split between the YES Network and MLB Gameday all weekend.

Go Yankees and, uh, Go Red Sox!

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