LADY AT THE BAT: Mr Girardi Builds His Dream House

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr Girardi Builds His Dream House

When Freddy Garcia gave up his third home run last night, the second one of the fifth inning. any hopes I had of the Yankees winning the game were swept away, never to return. I took to Twitter and posted, "I give up. Good night everyone."  Then I turned off the computer, switched to TCM and watched the remainder of a very funny movie, Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House.

It was so much easier to watch Cary Grant's title character struggle to get his dream house built as one catastrophe after another fell into his lap. For a while it looked as if he and his family would give up their dream. Mr Blandings was beside himself at various points in the film, even resorting to a tirade, much like the one Joe Girardi exhibited in last night's game:

Mr Blandings and his family overcame their hardships and got their dream house built. Will Joe Girardi and his family get their dream house built? As each day goes by I have less and less confidence that they will. Last night some birds landed on the construction site and made themselves comfortable. Shoeing them away won't work. It's time for Joe and his hunting pals to get the assault rifles out and get the fur feathers flying tossing.


Unknown said...

I never thought I'd ever see Joe Girardi compared to Cary Grant. Maybe to John Astin.

Myrna Loy. Classy dame. Much rather think of her than a blown 10-game lead.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Lol. Cary Grant is easier for me to think of than Girardi!

coolnewyorker said...

I too turned the TV off...and went to the bar at the corner, to commiserate with the other fans.

Over there, I found many fans, just like you in pain. But I am glad I found them...surprisingly not to commiserate with but to join them rooting for the Yanks even louder than when they were 10 games ahead in July.

I find this extremely perilous journey to October with a makeshift injury-ridden and Vet fill-ins crew all the more exciting...pretty much like unchartered water. I have never seen this kind of Yankee team in a pennant race. It's not a dream team, for sure.

Bernadette, for all it's worth, I feel your pain. But just like the mob in the bar, I have not given up...for all it's worth.