LADY AT THE BAT: Once Again, It Takes An Error For The Yankees To Win A Game

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once Again, It Takes An Error For The Yankees To Win A Game

After Russell Martin's go-ahead home run last night I flipped the channel on the TV, and didn't find out that the Yankees held on and won until I woke up this morning. I was so happy to hear that they won the game, and even happier to hear that the Orioles lost, giving the Yankees back their one-game division lead.

But that happiness was short-lived. After my morning workout I checked online and saw that, had it not been for an Elliot Johnson error, the Yankees might have lost the game. It was an error that led to their one win in the previous series against the Orioles. Had it not been for these errors the Yankees would be staring at a 6-game losing streak and, possibly, third place in the standings. 

However, I'm not that bad of a pessimist. I realize that there were a few good things to take away from last night's game:  A-Rod's timely hitting, Russell Martin's 2-hit, 3-RBI night, and Rafael Soriano's 1-2-3 ninth. Martin's performance was especially encouraging. The Yankees need someone in that lineup to put the rest of the team on his back and move forward. Russell Martin turning out to be that guy would be a very pleasant surprise.

So, series over. Time to move on: A big showdown series against the Orioles in Baltimore starts tonight. The Orioles! Earlier this morning, while groggily celebrating last night's win, I referred to them as the Red Sox. That's how unbelievable this whole Baltimore Orioles story is. Bizzaro World, to say the least. Go Yankees!

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coolnewyorker said...

The implication is Yanks had been lucky in winning, lately. True.

Truer still is taking advantage of oppponent's errors has always
been a trademark of quality teams.

Not losing despite errors, is another.

That brings to mind, pardon my digression...Derek has been so clutch not only at bat but on the field, even his rare errors were mostly harmless.