LADY AT THE BAT: Podcast Episode 23: The Final Ten

Monday, September 24, 2012

Podcast Episode 23: The Final Ten

With just 10 games remaining on the Yankees regular season schedule, the race for the American League East has turned into Armageddon. The Yankees lead the division by 1 game. It'll be a fight to the death, with the loser  facing  death itself. Well, the Death Game, anyway. On this episode of the podcast I recap last week's games, opine on the latest Yankee news and notes, and look ahead to The Final Ten. One of the last topics I tackle on the show is Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is hated by fans and opposing players alike, and I have what might be a controversial theory as to why that might be. It's at 19:57 if you can't wait for it.

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So, the Yankees open a series tonight with the Twins, who just swept a doubleheader from the Detroit Tigers. The Orioles have a doubleheader today against the Toronto Blue Jays. Time for the Twins to get back to their losing ways, and for the Blue Jays to show they're the tougher of two birds. Go, Yankees!

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